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The Demystification Committee [newsletter]

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Greetings from the Demystification Committee, a collaborative framework set up in 2016 to investigate the covert technologies and systems of power of late capitalism, aiming to problematise its myths.

The Demystification Committee operates mainly visually and sonically, and currently consists of two members who would like to share its first projects: Offshore A—Z, Network Studies and La Machine Informatique.


Offshore A—Z is an endless public index of companies registered in a number of tax heavens. Offshore A—Z takes the form of a website: each company listed on Offshore A—Z is real – scraped from a mixture of public sites and leaks – but its entry represents a mix of public facts and fictional factoids, automatically generated in an attempt to both inform and speculate on the nature and role of offshore companies.

Feeding the database is a Twitter bot that reveals a handful of companies every hour: @offshoreAZ.


Network Studies are ever-changing audiovisual pieces. These are territorial explorations wherein physical walks, virtual fly-overs and airborne network forces collide. In Network Studies, patterns of WiFi data found while wandering in the city are represented as sound, graphs and distorted visuals.

A series of studies was recently produced, and presented in Rome, at the Deleuze Studies Conference.

La Machine Informatique Dub – Urban Sonata Remix is the first track produced by the Network Ensemble, the sound unit of the Demystification Committee. La Machine Informatique is freely available as digital download, or as a vinyl. The EP is included in the book Moneta, Rivoluzione e Filosofia dell’avvenire (Obsolete Capitalism Free Press, 2016) as a form of experimental ‘sonic writing’.

Listen to it on Soundcloud

Demystification Committee

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