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Selected Network Studies (SD card)

Selected Network Studies collects audiovisual experiments with communication networks executed by the Network Ensemble, the sound unit of the Demystification Committee.

Selected Network Studies includes recordings of sound performances carried out in London and Berlin using a custom-built machine to sonify wireless networks, and videos created using wireless data covertly collected from locations where network infrastructure and structures of power intersect.

The sound and video material is burnt onto a hundred SD cards, vacuum-sealed in UV-printed mylar packages. Accompanying this is visual and written documentation of the hardware and software used, and of the context of the targeted locations. These include:

The London Internet Exchange in London, UK
Vatican City, VAT
US Embassy in Rome, IT
Stansted Airport in London, UK
Flight D82644 in airspace
Fiumicino Airport in Rome, IT

Selected Network Studies is released on the label Rizosfera via, alongside an interview with the Network Ensemble published on monoskop.