Demystification Committee

The Offshore Economist

The Offshore Economist is a digital publication focusing on the ruptures and cracks of offshore finance. It provides facts, guidance and revealing tricks to make the most of a slippery financial world. The publication pursues a multiplicitous aesthetic of offshore through fictional stories, marginal poetry, fragmented legalese and a shifting form and layout.

The Offshore Economist can be read at Contributions include a list of corporate financial tactics by Brett Scott, a toxic appendix to these by W. G. Hill, a journey between offshore finance and electronic music by the Kybernetikos Kommando, fiscal poetry in footnotes by Annelyse Gelman as well as a series of short stories by the Demystification Committee.

The publication was proposed and voted for by the investors of the Offshore Investigation Vehicle, an international corporate structure set up to explore and model offshore finance.

A company resolution outlining the project can be viewed at Companies House, the UK’s registrar of companies, where it was submitted following legal protocols. Companies House is thus used as a web gallery, documenting offshore actions and intents, an opposite approach to the secretive one facilitated by tax havens.