Demystification Committee

The Offshore Economist

The Offshore Economist is a digital publication focusing on offshore corporate finance and the cracks inherent to its practices, qualifying loopholes for those invested and investing in it.

The Offshore Economist pursues a possible aesthetic of offshoring through a fluid form and content, featuring a list of corporate tactics by Brett Scott, financial tricks courtesy of W. G. Hill, a journey between tax havens and electronic music by the Kybernetikos Kommando, marginal poetry by Annelyse Gelman and a short work of fiction by the Demystification Committee.

The publication can be read online and was proposed and voted for by the investors of the Offshore Investigation Vehicle, an international corporate structure set up to collectively explore and model offshore financial practices.

A resolution outlining the project is publicly available at Companies House, the registrar of companies of the United Kingdom. In a grotesque inversion of standard tax haven practice, the Offshore Investigation Vehicle builds absolute accountability through Companies House, more permanent virtual gallery than mandatory fulfilling.