Demystification Committee

Offshore Winter Collection 2016

Offshore Winter Collection 2016 is a set of beach-towels visualising financial misconduct among three corporations. The collection focuses on the funding behind the Brexit campaign known as Leave.EU, the tax-avoidance plans of Barclays bank and the colonial origins of HSBC bank.

Driven by a need for secrecy, these corporations have set up highly complex and efficient ventures across a number of tax havens, a type of jurisdiction which also often grants tax advantages to foreign businesses.

The diagram on each beach-towel is constructed using information on the web of companies behind the public faces of Leave.EU, Barclays and HSBC — information obtained by the Demystification Committee and previously released through the Offshore A-Z.

The full stories and navigable photographs of the beach towels can be accessed here:

*This beach towel not only confronts but also comforts Nigel Farage, who in September 2016 celebrated his then last night as UKIP leader by skinny-dipping alongside UKIP financier Arron Fraser Andrew Banks.