Demystification Committee

Offshore Spring/Summer 2018

Offshore Spring/Summer 2018 is a limited edition collection of beachwear. The apparel was sold online by Empire Management Limited, part of the Offshore Investigation Vehicle, an international corporate structure set up to collectively explore and model offshore financial practices.

The privileged setup of the Offshore Investigation Vehicle, which operated across a number of tax havens, allowed it to shift capital across companies and jurisdictions, maximising profits and avoiding taxes. The goal of the business was to move the untaxed sales revenue offshore and redistribute the resulting tax savings back to the investors, paying 0% taxes while awarding them up to 100% returns on their investment.

The structural, tactical and financial steps of the operation are documented on the Offshore Spring/Summer 2018 apparel. The collection consists of 6 items of beachwear: 3 swimsuits, 2 pairs of swim shorts and a beach-towel, each detailing a different aspect of the operation through visual motifs. Further details are provided on the online shop at, alongside metrics about taxes avoided and investors’ returns. These were distributed ad interim on February 4, 2018 during a performance held at transmediale festival in Berlin, DE.

The business operation was voted for by Empire Management Limited’s investors. A resolution outlining it is publicly available at Companies House, the registrar of companies of the United Kingdom. In a grotesque inversion of standard tax haven practice, the Offshore Investigation Vehicle builds absolute accountability through Companies House, more permanent virtual gallery than mandatory fulfilling.