Demystification Committee

Offshore Spring/Summer 2018

Offshore Spring/Summer 2018 is a limited edition collection of beachwear. The apparel is sold online by Empire Management Limited, a private company sitting at the top of the Offshore Investigation Vehicle, an international corporate structure set up to collectively explore and model offshore financial practices.

The privileged status of the Offshore Investigation Vehicle, operating both onshore and offshore, allows it to secretly hide the untaxed revenue from the sale of the collection, maximising its profit and the returns for its investors. The goal of the business is to sell out, so that investors make a profit of 100% on their investment, while 0% taxes are paid. This is achieved by means of shifting capital across jurisdictions.

The structural, tactical and financial steps which enable it are visually documented on the Offshore Spring/Summer 2018 apparel. The collection consists of 6 items of beachwear: 3 swimsuits, 2 pairs of swim shorts and a beach-towel. Each item features a diagram and a pattern, visual motifs which are explained in-depth on the online shop at, alongside metrics about investors’ returns and taxes avoided.

The business was voted for by Empire Management Limited’s investors. A company resolution outlining the business plan can be viewed at Companies House, the UK’s registrar of companies, where it was submitted following legal protocols. Companies House is thus used as a web gallery, documenting offshore actions and intents, an opposite approach to the secretive one facilitated by tax havens.

Profits were distributed to investors on February 4, 2018 at the closing performance of transmediale festival in Berlin, DE.