Demystification Committee

Offshore Spring/Summer 2018

Offshore Spring/Summer 2018 is a limited-edition collection of beachwear consisting of three swimsuits, two pairs of swim shorts and a beach-towel. The apparel was sold online by Empire Management Limited, a company part of a larger Offshore Investigation Vehicle set up by the Demystification Committee to model offshore financial practices.

The collection acted as a trigger for a tax evasion scheme and as documentation of it, revealing the configuration of a typical offshore corporate structure and the movement of money within it through diagrams and patterns.

Purchasing beachwear from an online store initiated a secret movement of money across the tax havens in which the Offshore Investigation Vehicle legally operated. As the revenue from sales would move offshore to evade regular taxation, the resulting tax savings were redistributed to its shareholders.

The price-per-item was calculated so that an eventual sell-out of the limited edition would result in 100% returns on the shareholders’ initial investment, while 0% taxes would be paid by any legal or natural person involved in the operation. Returns were distributed on February 4, 2018 during a performance held at transmediale festival in Berlin.