Demystification Committee

Network Ensemble 2

Network Ensemble 2 is a tool to sonically explore wireless networks. Intended as a static machine, it expands the scope of the portable Network Ensemble 1, and it is built out of steel into a flight-case.

Network Ensemble 2 captures wireless packets of data local to it, analyses them and directly converts their contents into square waves. The resulting sound, akin to white noise, can be listened to via a port built on the outside of the flight-case.

Network Ensemble 2 has six ports built into an operational panel, corresponding to six categories of network data. Upon receipt of a packet, the relevant port sends a signal to be interpreted by a peripheral connected to it. This allows the user to tune into a specific slice of the network.

Different kind of peripherals surround the machine. A set of solenoids plays the glockenspiel; a MIDI keyboard stutters ambient noise, bursting into life as the network picks up pace; a second set of solenoids, clamped to surfaces, creates a shifting rhythm; a Super 8 projector advances a frame of Micky Mouse’s ‘The Band Concert’.