Demystification Committee

Network Ensemble 1

Network Ensemble 1 is a portable machine to sonically explore wireless networks. Built into a flight-case, the machine allows its user to experience an otherwise hidden network activity through sound, listening out for patterns in the data.

Network Ensemble 1 captures wireless packets of data in its proximity, analyses them and translates their contents into square waves, resulting in a sound akin to white noise. This is done through two ports, accessible on the outside of the flight-case: an input port for an antenna, and an output port for a pair of headphones.

When the machine is shut, the user can tune into the network and begin exploring it, using the divining antenna and the headphones. When open, a set of peripherals stored in the bottom half of the flight-case can be connected to six ports built into the top half, each corresponding to a type of network data. Upon receipt of a packet, a signal is sent to the relevant port, triggering the peripheral connected to it. By plugging peripherals into different ports, the user tunes into specific slices of the network.

Peripherals are various in shape and scope: a set of speakers, a set of solenoids and a set of clamps. Together, they form a parasitic orchestra which plays the network data back onto its physical surroundings.