Demystification Committee


NE3 is a portable machine to read the wireless network and turn it into a source of noise. It uses custom software to read WiFi data packets and transforms its contents into a sound akin to white-noise.

A knob on the top-side of the board allows control of the speed at which the data is sonified, ranging from high speeds—staying true to the intense nature of the WiFi, to low speeds—slowing down to identify patterns in the noise. Audio equipment can be plugged into the ports on the top-side to amplify or manipulate the sounds.

On the base is a surface transducer, allowing to use any hard surface as a speaker. The material character of its physical surrounding blends with the immaterial one of the network it reads, creating a sound unique to its position in space and time.

NE3 was used to perform in a number of locations across London and Berlin. Sound recordings are available on bandcamp.