Demystification Committee

La Machine Informatique Dub

La Machine Informatique Dub — Urban Sonata Remix is the debut track of the Network Ensemble, the sound unit of the Demystification Committee.

The track is a dub remix of a speech by French philosopher Félix Guattari and it was produced using the Network Ensemble 1 and 2, two machines that transform wireless communications into sound in real time.

Guattari’s voice was directly taken from his 1975 lecture at the University of Vincennes, where the philosopher foresees the advent of internet-era “informatics machines” for profiling and controlling people through their movements, communications and emotions.

La Machine Informatique Dub — Urban Sonata Remix is available as a digital download and as a vinyl, included in the collection of essays Moneta, Rivoluzione e Filosofia dell’avvenire (Obsolete Capitalism Free Press, 2016) as a form of experimental ‘sonic writing’. The publication was designed by a member of the Demystification Committee.