Demystification Committee


The Worshipful Company of International Bankers Company objective generator Infiltrate a tax haven

Profit for all

The directors of two companies meet to sign a loan agreement. One wants to secure funds for their business; the other’s aims are unclear. As they draw up the contract, a number of mistakes and omissions are made, which become apparent to the audience present, challenging the course of action on stage by revealing alternative truths.

Profit for all was a live accounting-performance that took place at transmediale festival 2018, held in Berlin, DE. During it, the two companies behind the Offshore Investigation Vehicle undertook the necessary steps to distribute profit kept offshore back to their investors onshore. This profit was realised with the sale of a collection of beachwear, a business voted for by the investors of the Offshore Investigation Vehicle.

The signed loan agreement constitutes a legal fiction: it activates the Offshore Investigation Vehicle to move the money, using its tactics of proxies and puppet directors, omissions, and corrupt or fake information.