Demystification Committee


On network experimentation, decomputation and accelleration (2016) Network Study I, VII & VIII (2018) NE1

Necropolis Now (2018)

“Approach from West India Quay and see what corpses have sprouted on the Isle of the Dead… Barclays – HSBC – Bank of America – Citigroup”
—k-punk, 2005

Necropolis Now was an exploration of network signals haunting Canary Wharf, London’s financial hub, through the non-places of financial business and the non-time of cyber busyness. Free WiFi, infinite scroll.

A custom-made machine, powered by a phone, collected data from local WiFi networks and translated it to sound, which was fed back to the phone via its audio port. The phone was further used to capture footage of the location through its camera and the audiovisual stream was transmitted live to Borderline Festival 2018, held in Athens.

Necropolis Now was part of Telematic Hacking, a series of remote online performances.