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Network Studies On the network and experimental tools (2016)

Necropolis Now (2018)

Approach from West India Quay and see what corpses have sprouted on the Isle of the Dead… Barclays – HSBC – Bank of America – Citigroup —
[…] In Cabot Square, descend through the mock deco hallways into the migraine hyperbright no-wonderland of the retail arcades.

—k-punk, 2005

On April 18 the Network Ensemble performed at Borderline Festival held in Athens, GR, as part of Telematic Hacking, a series of remote online performances.

The Network Ensemble live-streamed an exploration of the cyber signals haunting Canary Wharf and the Docklands area of east London.

Through the cramped non-places of financial business and the addictive non-time of cyber busyness, “free WiFi!” and infinite scroll, a custom-made machine collected data from local WiFi networks and passed it onto a phone in the form of sound waves, via its microphone port. The performance was then streamed by means of a phone call.