Demystification Committee

Is it illegal? [newsletter]

If you’re going offshore, you should dress for it.

Today, the Demystification Committee, through its illicit corporate structure (the Offshore Investigation Vehicle) launches the Offshore Spring/Summer 2018 collection of beachwear. The collection is a limited edition of 90 pieces available exclusively from

Each item of beachwear reveals a different aspect of the Offshore Investigation Vehicle. ‘Under The Sun For Women’ presents the restricted views of the jurisdictions exploited by the vehicle, while ‘Corporate Structure for Men’ explores the public and secret structural connections within its privileged set up. Topping it all off ‘Profit For All’, the beachtowel, shows the movement of money in, out and across the corporate structure.

As well as explaining the setup of the vehicle, each item of beachwear also makes use of its tax-free tactics to maximise, through a veil of secrecy, the profits returned to its investors.

The Offshore Investigation Vehicle, including Offshore Spring/Summer 2018, will be shown as part of ‘Territories of Complicity‘ at transmediale festival in Berlin, beginning on the 31st of January.

For Profit,
Demystification Committee