Demystification Committee


The Offshore Economist Offshore Roundtable Offshore Spring/Summer 2018

Infiltrate a tax haven

Offshore, the future looks bright and promising, with half of the global wealth stacked in sunny tax havens such as the above. But what is offshore? Where is it, and what can you do here?

To explore these questions the Demystification Committee has infiltrated a number of tax havens, setting up an international corporate structure spanning three seas: an Offshore Investigation Vehicle. The Committee anonymously controls this structure from above via Empire Management, a UK Private Limited Company.

To begin abusing this privileged offshore position a number of operations are being initiated, ranging from the sale of illicit shell companies to tax-free, offshore beachwear. The Demystification Committee wants anyone to have a slice of the pie: why eat with a clown when you can dine with the king?

On offer is the chance to invest simultaneously in a profitable business, an artwork and a fun experiment. A share in Empire Management costs as little as £5 and gives you the right to receive part of the profits in the near future. Full anonymity and insiders’ knowledge of the offshore world are also guaranteed by the Offshore Investigation Vehicle, at once your shield and guide.

The first share of profits will be distributed on February 4, 2018 at the closing performance of transmediale.

Get in touch to learn more and invest in an offshore operations. The sun never sets on Empire Management.