Demystification Committee

Illicit Brexit Investments [newsletter]

Dear prospective investor,

The Demystification Committee has returned from Berlin with a new venture: Empire Management Limited. Sitting at the head of a carefully crafted structure of businesses and bank accounts, Empire Management is a gateway to the murky world of offshore finance.

Offshore Roundtable
Wednesday 20th September,
6.30pm to 7pm
London College of Communication
London SE1 6SB

Skyrocketing returns, anonymity through sovereignty, proxies and nodes, but also sun and sandy beaches. To offer you a glimpse of this world, the Demystification Committee invites you to an offshore roundtable on Wednesday 20th September at London College of Communication.

On this evening you’ll have the rare chance to invest on a speculative financial product placed in a near-future scenario where the United Kingdom has become a tax haven following its exit from Europe.

The roundtable will take the form of a brief company meeting, at the end of which Empire Management will offer shares to the participants as a way to invest in this speculative financial product.

If you’d like to take part please email secretary[at]empire[dot]management

The roundtable is part of the opening of the exhibition, Uncertainty Playground: Possible/Probable Worlds. A number of offshore artefacts and documents further explaining the structure of the Empire Management group will be on show through the exhibition, which runs until the 20th of October. The launch event is open to all, but please register here if you’d like to attend.

For Profit,
Demystification Committee