Demystification Committee


Necropolis Now (2018) NE1 Selected Network Studies (2017)

Flash Demons (2019)

Flash Demons collects two sound performances carried out under the moniker Network Ensemble – the sound unit of the Demystification Committee.

Flash and Demons were performed precisely 8 and 31 years after the symbolic stock market accidents of 6 May 2010 and 19 October 1987. Popularly known as Flash Crash and Black Monday, these are the fastest and the first stock market crashes triggered by computers – unique entry points into the stream of algorithmic-induced noise affecting the networks of global finance.

Stock markets are important nodes within those networks. Trading on them was once a person to person activity, then person to phone and eventually terminal to terminal. Now, software speaks to software as the living are abandoned in favour of the void of rapidity. To begin grasping the pressure, acceleration and saturation found in such networks, the sounds of Flash and Demons are generated with software and hardware built by the artist and able to translate a variety of network and financial data into sound signals, live.

Flash Demons is released by MILLE PLATEAUX in an edition of 100 silicon USBs, vacuum sealed in a clear screen-printed sleeve. The release includes an essay by Obsolete Capitalism and is available on bandcamp and at Rough Trade record stores.