Demystification Committee


The Offshore Economist Offshore Spring/Summer 2018 Offshore Winter Collection 2016

Financial speculation on the beach

In March 2017 the Demystification Committee installed a version of the Offshore A-Z at Holding Space, inviting viewers to lay on the beach for an evening of financial speculation.

Analysing thousands of tax havens’ companies, the installation searches the Offshore A-Z database for suspicious patterns through a number of queries. Not necessarily financial in nature, the queries seek possible connections between offshore companies and mythical creatures, sparkling crystals or prescient dates, as a way to filter a vast database.

While attempting to remain free of context and affiliation, offshore companies must frame themselves in some way, so as to seem legitimate or legitimately obfuscate their nature. The installation sidesteps this approach, drawing unverifiable spurious connections between companies and their intents which can be neither proved nor disproved.

The installation was supported by a research grant from Ravensbourne University London.