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Chaos Variation I (EP)

In 1975, French philosopher Félix Guattari gave an important lecture at the University of Vincennes. During it, he announced the advent of internet-era ‘informatics machines’ for profiling and controlling people by tracking their movements and communications and predicting their behaviours and emotions.

This influential speech has been audio-synthesised in the debut EP of Obsolete Capitalism Sound System and the Network Ensemble. ‘La Machine Informatique Urban Sonata Remix’ by the Network Ensemble was recorded using a custom-built machine able to translate data it captures from surrounding wireless networks into sound, in real time.

The EP is included in the collection of essays Moneta, Rivoluzione e Filosofia dell’avvenire (Obsolete Capitalism Free Press, 2016) as a form of experimental sonic writing and is available on bandcamp. The publication was designed by a member of the Demystification Committee.