Demystification Committee


Flash Demons (2019) NE3 Flash

Chaos Variation I (2016)

In 1975, French philosopher Félix Guattari gave an important lecture at the University of Vincennes, during which he predicted internet-era ‘informatics machines’ for profiling and controlling people by means of tracking movements, communications and behaviours.

The influential speech was remixed by the Network Ensemble, the sound unit of the Demystification Committee, and by Obsolete Capitalism in their debut EP Chaos Variation I. ‘La Machine Informatique Urban Sonata Remix’ by the Network Ensemble was recorded using a custom-built machine able to translate data it captures from surrounding wireless networks into sound, in real time.

Chaos Variation I is released on NUKFM and doubles up as a contribution to the collection of essays Moneta, Rivoluzione e Filosofia dell’avvenire (Obsolete Capitalism Free Press, 2016). The EP is available on bandcamp.