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Almost XMAS, but offshore it’s always summer [newsletter]

Hello _____ ________,

Greetings from the Demystification Committee. Since our first newsletter in late summer the Committee has been steadily investigating the slippery world of offshore finance. As 2016 comes to an end, the Committee’s members would like to extend best wishes for the festive season and share some work.


Offshore Winter Collection 2016 is a set of beach towels. As story telling visual artefacts, the beach towels visualise financial and ethical misconduct among corporations by showcasing facts about a company’s offshore wrong-doing.

The initial body of work that resulted from the Committee’s investigation of offshore finance is collected as the Offshore A—Z: an endless directory of websites for offshore companies, presenting and generating facts about them.

Using the information released through the Offshore A—Z, the Winter Collection tells tax-avoidance stories about specific companies operating locally and internationally. The Offshore Winter Collection 2016 focuses on massive tax avoidance from Barclays, and their gagging of the media, the Brexit campaign’s funding links with offshore and HSBC’s colonial, opium filled history .


In December 2016 the Demystification Committee held the first Offshore Roundtable. As the first in a series of discussions around offshore finance from an artistic perspective, the workshop investigated some of the technical and geopolitical structures bound up in modern movements of capital offshore, with a number of invitees working in the design field. One of the workshop’s aim was to collectively design the Barclays beach towel part of the Offshore Winter Collection 2016.

In early 2017, the Committee will host a second roundtable. Offshore Roundtable #2 will be public and will consist of a conversation around a single exotic aspect of the ‘tax haven’. Exact location and date are still to be confirmed, but you can provisionally reserve your seat by replying to this email.


On February 2, 2017 the Network Ensemble will perform at the opening of ‘Inside Terrain Vague’ — the latest in the ambit series of contemporary design exhibitions.

The sound performance will be the twelfth study of the WiFi network undertaken under the moniker Network Ensemble. After the opening night, Network Study XII will be exhibited physically, and through the network as part of ‘Inside Terrain Vague’ for the rest of the month. The performance, and subsequent exhibition, will be hosted at umlaut¨ on Brick Lane, London.

For more, see the Committee’s website, Twitter and Instagram, or send an email to

With Love from Offshore,
Demystification Committee