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  • [DC-0208] the crossroads of techno-politics, PR, permanent political campaigning >…

  • it is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books

  • Someone who isn’t me (SWIM) distributes but does not produce the product (P) which is produced elsewhere (E). SWIM has a body (B). Was it Ann Jäderlund who said Unfold the leaves / thrust into the core. There is no core. Well then there is no core. Say B is in the water (W). See how P like a simile (S) both generates and defers meaning (M). Say W is fecund with M and its subordinate clauses each by each absorbed into P. See SWIM swim. SWIM sinks like a fat gold coin or floats like an oil spill. Current either way the currents. Excerpt from ‘SWIM‘, by @annelysegelman for the OFFSHORE ECONOMIST, currently showing at the 4th Istanbul Design Biennale

  • [DC-0187] Nebulised offshore satellite views via @RYBn_

  • [DC-0184] adroit adrift

  • swim

  • [DC-0172] File and forget…

  • 10% OFF all stock on

  • Pissed off in the Seychelles

  • [DC-0166] We exploit the legalised extra-legality and inscrutability of offshore companies, speculating on the identity of those within it, in a contribution to @SolitudeNetwork: A day in the life of M. A. D. Farmer, the puppet director of our 🌴company

  • [DC-0165] Investigate offshore, they say. It will be a heaven to visit, they say (we're off next week)

  • [DC-0148] KO UK: the legal body that controls our offshore structure vanishes before its time to file paperwork. Its corpse is forever visible online at Companies House. KO UK is a tactic explained at p. 83 of the Offshore Investigation Vehicle (PDF)

  • [DC-0147] We spoke of a magic offshore coconut and a magic offshore company during this…

  • [DC-0145] Huge offshore provider: "We had an office here in Cyprus since 2003…" obvs

  • [DC-0144] Sovereignty, secrecy, companies, coconuts and meta-imagery from ongoing offshore research on, a platform designed by @pwr_studio

  • [DC-0140] The Offshore Economist is free to read

  • [DC-0139] Offshore money will be moved, investors rewarded and all evidence burnt at the closing performance of transmediale

  • Freedom from taxation with Corporate Structure for Men - a pair of trunks part of the Offshore Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Get yours here.

  • Governments are after only one thing. Keep them at bay with the Offshore Economist. Launching today, rich with guidance and tricks to help you offshore

  • [DC-0137] Desperate measures: Offshore Spring/Summer 2018 10% OFF all week in occasion of @transmediale be there or be taxed!

  • T for...

  • What they know about you... Under the Sun for Women, from the Offshore Spring/Summer 2018 collection, reveals what the Seychelles tax authorities know of an offshore vehicle controlled by the Demystification Committee.

  • [DC-0134] Where has all the money gone?

  • The silent approach... Corporate Structure for Men is a pair of trunks that explores the set-up of an offshore vehicle controlled by the Demystification Committee. This set-up is abused when purchasing a pair of trunks, or any other item from the Offshore Spring/Summer 2018, a collection of beachwear sold through the vehicle.

  • [DC-0132] If you're going offshore, you should dress for it.

  • Offshore is a parallel legal system that encodes for error

  • [DC-0125] "We're here to warn you They're gonna say shut up and buy We're here to warn you They're gonna say buy or die" MDC, Millions of Dead Cops, 1981

  • [DC-0124] "Murder is a crime. Unless it was done, by a Policeman... or an Aristocrat" The Clash, 1982

  • [DC-0123] You deserve it

  • [DC-0121] The essence of the state is lost in the global system of tax havens. Cayman Islands could be submerged under the sea but remain the 4th largest financial hub.

  • [DC-0120] To treat companies as collections of business or as a single entity?


  • [DC-0118] The Paradise Papers reveal another list of establishment figures embroiled in the offshore system. The inevitable denials and resignations accompany suggestions that this practice is not the norm, that it is the fault of some bad actors. Offshore is not an alternative, dark or otherwise separate system: it is the global financial system. Offshore is as much a part of global finance as SWIFT transfers or Visa. To represent it as other, or distant, perpetuates the myth of separation that allows it to retain its power and, for the mainstream part of the financial system, leverage it while decrying it as out of their hands.

  • 5£ offshore investment in an anonymous, tax-free business and artwork. First returns February 2018.

  • Infiltrate a tax haven

  • [DC-0107] HSBC does not exist

  • [DC-0106] As the UK moves further offshore, come and make a financial success of a 5£ illicit Brexit investment

  • Tonight we're showing how an offshore company looks like as part of the exhibition 'Uncertainty Playground' London College of Communication Open until October 20

  • Points of View

  • [DC-0102] A world of opportunities, little known secrets, insane revenues & virtual returns… in this one neat trick…

  • [DC-0101] Sky rocket returns, anonymity through sovereignty, proxies and nodes, sun and sandy beaches

  • Offshore Investigation Vehicle - Nominee director's point of view

  • Email to infiltrate a tax haven. Anonymous, profitable and legit

  • [DC-0100]

  • [DC-0099]

  • [DC-0098] Infiltrate a tax haven with us tomorrow night and throughout the weekend at UdK in Berlin……

  • What is offshore? Can we go there? Infiltrate a tax haven with us. Get up to 100% returns. Shares from 5€.

  • Empire Management General Meeting 10 July

  • [DC-0096] Empire Management General Meeting part of transmediale's Vilém Flusser Residency Program for Artistic Research. 10/7, apply →

  • .@mthvn The offshore manager that registered Brexit (Better for the County Ltd)

  • [DC-0093] Clouds

  • [DC-0092] Regulatory cracks and fractions

  • Are you beach ready? Making an offshore beach for the exhibition in Clapton 🏖

  • [DC-0073] 20h left to the release of ½ m @OffshoreAZ companies Tomorrow only, Clapton, 6PM

  • [DC-0072] Feeling like… VIKING TRADERS LIMITED ✓✓✓

  • [DC-0071] ✆ 1-800-OFFSHORE got a honorary mention from @SolitudeNetwork alongside some great proposals

  • Join us on the beach 🏖 for the first public showing of the Offshore A-Z an ongoing research project about offshore finance 💰 shown as part of HOLDING SPACE festival. Saturday​ 25 March, 6 PM Hunts Wharf Leaside Road, E5 9LU

  • [DC-0069] When ⅓ of the world's GDP sits offshore a pressing question arises: what & where is offshore? @OffshoreAZ

  • [DC-0068] The first physical showcase of @OffshoreAZ takes place this month in Clapton 1 day, 500k shell companies

  • Preparing the next steps.. #Offshore

  • Keeping warm offshore today ❄

  • [DC-0060] In which power ties between the British Empire and its Crown (tax) Dependency are exposed under the sun

  • [DC-0058] A Vanuatu offshore shell company released by @OffshoreAZ


  • Offshore Winter Collection 2016 🏖 A set of 3 beach towels exploring offshore practices and financial misconduct. This towel explores #Barclays massive tax avoidance and their #gagging of the media

  • Offshore Winter Collection 2016 🏖 A set of 3 beach towels exploring offshore practices and financial misconduct. This towel explores #HSBC colonial and opium filled past

  • Offshore Winter Collection 2016 🏖 A set of 3 beach towels exploring offshore practices and financial misconduct. This towel explores the Brexit campaign's funding links with offshore

  • Offshore fire

  • British Empire

  • [DC-0048] The #Offshore Winter Collection 2016 is a set of beach towels which visualise financial and ethical misco……

  • [DC-0047] Today the Committee releases: OFFSHORE WINTER COLLECTION 2016…

  • [DC-0046] One week to Christmas, but #offshore it’s always summer

  • Offshore A-Z postcards in production

  • Offshore A-Z beach towels in production

  • The British Empire

  • Mr Justice O.

  • [DC-0043] City of London Corporation & PwC investigate tax avoidance — but actual data is deemed irrelevant by them


  • [DC-0037] Printing out postcards and map for the first @OffshoreAZ Roundtable This coming Saturday @RavensbourneUK

  • [DC-0036] Rudd, laundering £ offshore, talks of UNPRECEDENTED TRANSPARENCY when introducing the worse surveillance(:…

  • [DC-0035] Some of our favourite #company images from @OffshoreAZ soon to be released as a set of #postcards.

  • [DC-0033] Courtesy of Harry Schultz, applied by Scope Intl Ltd… From theory to investment!…

  • [DC-0032] 5 Flags Theory. Set each of the following in a separate country: passport, residence, business base, asset haven, playground

  • [DC-0030] Demystification Committee: fighting the British Empire from the future.

  • [DC-0029] EKTRON TECHNOLOGY INT LTD registered in Bermuda, 1994 to ‘EXPLOIT A HAIRDRESSER’

  • [DC-0026] For a #sovereign entity with a population under the million, the likelihood of becoming a #tax haven rises 24% → 63%

  • [DC-0025] Over the period 2000—2011, cumulative illicit financial flows from China totalled a massive $3.79 trillion…

  • [DC-0024] Beach-towel in the making, telling the story of leaked offshore companies. Data from @OffshoreAZ

  • [DC-0022] Offshore companies storytelling through beachwear over at

  • The company behind the developers also masters the postcolonial game of tax avoidance (Panama Papers): @danhancox

  • [DC-0020] Spotted @OffshoreAZ entity in Barcelona →…

  • [DC-0019] Interesting pic for this @OffshoreAZ company… Mind immediately wanders to HEADLESS……

  • [DC-0018] Too much @OffshoreAZ talk for Twitter suggest algorithms

  • [DC-0017] First #Trump appearance in #Offshore AZ's list of companies. More info →……

  • [DC-0016] Unidentified Offshore Entity ;) More →……

  • [DC-0015] "We'll live without walls" Spot on pic for this offshore company…

  • [DC-0014] Offshore A—Z attempts to inform & speculate on role of offshore companies. You can also get custom merch

  • [DC-0013] Offshore A—Z is an endless stream of facts & factoids about offshore companies See……

  • [DC-0011] An entity called S appearing in both Panama Papers & Offshore Leaks, connected to a large web of companies…





The Demystification Committee studies the intensities of late capitalism, with an ongoing focus on the relationship between sovereignty and capital, and on the friction between networks and power structures.

Established in 2016, the Demystification Committee is chaired from London, UK and Berlin, DE.