Demystification Committee

Selected Network Studies

Selected Network Studies collects audio/visual experiments carried out by the Network Ensemble — the Committee’s sound unit, which transforms WiFi communications into sound in real time using custom-made machines.

This limited edition, UV-printed, vacuum-sealed mylar package contains a 2GB SD Card featuring one hour of video material and 45 minutes of sound material. Accompanying this is visual and written documentation of both the hardware and software built for network exploration, as well as details of the data collection and performance sites.

Selected Network Studies contains sound recordings of performances carried out in London and Berlin using NE3, a custom built network machine; and audiovisual pieces created with network data collected from a number of locations across London and Rome.

The Studies focus on locations of network-infrastructural importance as well as those in which communications intersect with structures of power, or where one might not ordinarily consider the network to be present.

Selected Network Studies is released through Rizosfera on with an accompanying eBook outlining the thinking behind the work of the Network Ensemble.