Demystification Committee

Offshore Winter Collection 2016

Offshore Winter Collection 2016 is a set of beach towels. As story telling visual artefacts, the beach towels visualise financial and ethical misconduct among corporations by showcasing facts about a company’s offshore wrong-doing.

The Demystification Committee has been investigating the slippery world of offshore finance and the secrecy jurisdictions through which it flows. The initial body of work that resulted from the investigation is collected under the name Offshore A—Z: an endless directory of websites for offshore companies, presenting facts and factoids about them.

A set of visual artefacts has been produced, using the information released through the Offshore A—Z, and used to tell tax-avoidance stories about specific companies operating locally and internationally.

The Offshore Winter Collection 2016 focuses on the funding behind the Brexit campaign, the tax-avoidance plans of Barclays and the colonial origins of HSBC. The full stories and navigable photographs of the beach towels can be seen at the following addresses: