Demystification Committee

Network Ensemble 2

Network Ensemble 2 is a tool to sonically uncover the invisible territory of wireless networks.

Intended as a static rather than portable machine [see Network Ensemble 1] Network Ensemble 2 is built out of steel into a flight-case.

The machine collects wireless communication, pulling in network packets and analysing them. Its users can experience the territory of local wireless networks, listening out for hidden patterns of network activity through sound.

Network Ensemble 2 has six ports built into an operational panel, each corresponding to a slice of the network: structure, gatekeeping, communications, data, broken and unknown. Upon receipt of a packet, the relevant port sends a signal to be interpreted by a peripheral connected to it.

Different kind of peripherals surround the machine. A set of solenoids plays the glockenspiel; a MIDI keyboard stutters ambient noise, bursting into life as the network picks up pace; a second set of solenoids, clamped to surfaces, creates a shifting rhythm; a Super 8 projector advances a frame of Micky Mouse’s The Band Concert.