Demystification Committee

Network Ensemble 1

Network Ensemble 1 is a portable tool to sonically uncover the invisible territory of wireless networks.

Built into a flight-case, Network Ensemble 1 allows its users to map the territory of wireless networks, listening out for patterns and experiencing hidden network activity through sound.

The machine collects communications local to it, pulling in network packets and analysing them. When shut, two ports accessible on the outside let the users tune into the network with an antenna and hear the sonified incoming data packets with headphones.

When open, a set of peripherals stored in the bottom half of the flight-case can be connected to ports built into the other half. Each port corresponds to a slice of the network: structure, gatekeeping, communications, data, broken and unknown. This connection allows the incoming packets’ data to be directly transferred to a peripheral.

Peripherals are various in shape and scope: a set of speakers, a set of solenoids and a set of clamps. Together, they form a parasitic orchestra which plays the network data back onto its physical surroundings, allowing serendipitous soundscapes to be uncovered by its user.