Demystification Committee


NE3 is a network instrument, a compact board which captures and parses the network, turning it into a source of data-noise. Using a new version of the software behind the Network Ensemble, NE3 operates as a noise source for dowsing and performance of the network space.

The NE3 receives the packets on all networks local to it and converts their contents in sound. A single knob on the top-side of the board allows control of the speed at which the network data is transformed, ranging from high speeds, staying true to the intense nature of the WiFi, to low speeds, making it possible to identify patterns in the noise or investigate the sonic character of a particular slice of the network.

On the base is a surface transducer, allowing NE3 to make use of nearly any object as a speaker. The material character of its physical location blends with the specifics of the network space it traverses to create sound unique to its position in both the online and offline worlds.

On the top-side there are two ports allowing for the connection of audio equipment for sonic manipulation and performance. In a performance context NE3 has counterpart software which also receives and parses the network, sending out control messages that can play a variety of hardware or software instruments or tools for shaping the NE3’s noise.

NE3 was used for sound performances across art galleries in London and Berlin. These are released on SD Card as Selected Network Studies.