Demystification Committee

Postcards from offshore

In 2016, the Demystification Committee has been investigating the slippery world of offshore finance and the secrecy jurisdictions through which it flows. The initial body of work that resulted from the investigation is collected under the name Offshore A—Z.


Offshore A—Z is an endless public index of companies registered in a number of tax havens. Each company listed on Offshore A—Z is real, but its entry represents a mix of public facts and fictional factoids, generated in an attempt to both inform and speculate on the nature and role of offshore companies.

This initial set of Offshore postcards are designed using the information from a number of entities listed on Offshore A—Z. These companies do not exist. They have no office. Their only physical manifestations are found in post-office boxes and operational documents, both provided by offshore wealth management firms. The postcards feature entities with vehicles as a brand image. Their registration address is pre-filled on the flip side of the postcard.