Demystification Committee

Infiltrate a tax haven

‘In inventing the homo oeconomicus, economists have engaged in a double abstraction. First, the unwarranted one of having conceived of a man with nothing human in his heart; second, of having represented this individual as detached from any group, corporation, sect, party, homeland, or association of any sort.’
Gabriel Tarde, Psychologie économique, 1902

The scale and complexity of the offshore financial system is enormous. Half of the global wealth is calculated to be offshore, stacked in tax havens. But where is offshore? What does it mean to become offshore? Can you go there?

To explore these questions, the Demystification Committee has infiltrated a number of tax havens and set up an international corporate structure spanning across three seas: an Offshore Investigation Vehicle. At the head of this corporate structure is Empire Management, a UK Private Limited Company.

You now have the chance to go offshore by becoming a shareholder in Empire Management for as little as 5€. On offer is the rare opportunity to invest in a business, an artwork and a fun experiment. Holding a share in the company will give right to contribute to the running of the company, gain financial returns in the form of dividends and insiders knowledge on the murky world of offshore, while also being granted the privilege of anonymity.

If you would like to invest in Empire Management Limited please please email and we’ll send the right paperwork.

The sun never sets on Empire Management.