Demystification Committee

Offshore Studies

Investigating the toxic relationship between sovereignty, anonymity and finance, Offshore Studies look at global flows of capital through the offshore financial system.




Network Ensemble

The Network Ensemble is the Committee's sound unit: a framework for exploring friction between communication networks and their physical surroundings through sound.




  • [DC-0112] Pd 20150121 0004…

  • [DC-0111] Selected Network Studies — Network Study XIII — Act I — Machine (music ) (info……

  • [DC-0110] Selected Network Studies — data and network infrastructures used as A/V medium and collected in an SD car……

  • [DC-0103] can make music with your WiFi signal

  • [DC-0095] On decomputation… Excerpt from an interview w/ @ObCap for the release of new music

  • [DC-0094] On experimental tools…… Excerpt from an interview with @ObCap for the release of

  • 2 years of stealing WiFi data from power locations across Europe transformed in video, sounds and writing in the first major release of the Network Ensemble. SELECTED NETWORK STUDIES is out on SD card and digital download this week via bandcamp.

  • The Network Ensemble released new music last night as SD cards [link in bio]. The album is called SELECTED NETWORK STUDIES and it collects 2 years of performances and data walks done across locations of network-infrastructural importance. Places where communications intersect with structures of power, such as the Vatican, Canary Wharf, US Embassies, Airports...

  • [DC-0088] The Network Ensemble releases SELECTED NETWORK STUDIES today! Head over to

  • Very happy to announce SELECTED NETWORK STUDIES, the first major musical release of the Network Ensemble 🎶

  • [DC-0086] bigupthemandem in upcoming interview released by @ObCap this week @bratton @algorhythmics @micro_research

  • [DC-0084] New music coming soon via @ObCap label RIZOSFERA

  • Network Ensemble about to release SELECTED NETWORK STUDIES

  • [DC-0082] The Network Ensemble will release 🆕 work in June through Italian label RIZOSFERA (@ObCap) via limited edi……

  • NE3 is the latest machine built by the Demystification Committee's sound unit Network Ensemble to turn WiFi into sounds

  • [DC-0077] Selected Network Studies to be released with @ObCap soon In this one #WiFi data is sniffed from Stansted

  • From February's Network Ensemble performance 🎛🎵 at umlaut¨, London Transforming WiFi data into sound with NE3, a sound device built in the studio

  • From last week's Network Ensemble performance 🎛🔊 @nonberlinartplatform The machine used to read the network is called NE3

  • From last week's Network Ensemble performance 🎹 at umlaut¨ in London. The network machine used for this Network Study is on show in the space until the end of the week

  • Setup/meditation on the network (repost from @nonberlinartplatform )

  • NE3 ready, we begin in 1 hour

  • NE3 (etc) arrives at NON Berlin, ready for tomorrow's performance.

  • [DC-0064] The Network Ensemble will perform the WiFi in London tomorrow… & Berlin next Frida……

  • NE3 - a #network instrument to transform the activity of WiFi communication into sound

  • #Network instrument in the making for upcoming Network Ensemble performances in London and Berlin

  • [DC-0062] On 2/2/17 the Network Ensemble performs the WiFi with a new #network instrument

  • New network synth in the making for the upcoming Network Ensemble performances in London & Berlin 🔊🔊🔊

  • [DC-0056] A new network study to be released soon, with WiFi data from Canary Wharf More →…

  • [DC-0055] Two performances coming up in February in London [ambit] and Berlin [NON gallery]

  • [DC-0028] For another week, the first set of Studies investigating Rome’s #WiFi data can be seen on

  • [DC-0027] We’ll display a new set of Network Studies in Brick Lane in Jan 2017. More soon……

  • [DC-0021] Vinyls are here! La Machine Informatique produced by Network Ensemble &…

  • [DC-0004] Network Studies Installation at Deleuze Conference 2016

  • Don't steal my WiFi

  • T-shirt invocations vs. the #networkensemble

The Demystification Committee investigates the covert, extended systems of power that shape society. This exploration encompasses the study of platforms, legal frameworks, machines and communication networks.

The Committee currently focuses on the toxic relationship between sovereignty, anonymity and finance [the Offshore Studies]; and the friction between communication networks and their physical surroundings [the Network Ensemble].

The Demystification Committee is a framework for art and research.